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Fuel Finder

By Bottle Rocket


If you’re in your hometown or visiting a new city, the stations with the best gas prices are never out of reach with Fuel Finder.

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Whether on a long road trip or stuck in traffic in a major metropolis, Fuel Finder is a quality app that assists you in finding cheap gas prices. The home page defaults to a map, but offers five keys at the bottom of the screen to assist you with your gasoline-related needs.

The first key focuses on the most important aspect, pricing. Obviously, this allows you to find the cheapest gas for a defined search area. You can either allow the app to locate stations near your location using GPS, or you can punch in a location yourself. One drawback: the search is limited to 20 stations, which might omit an option or two in denser areas.

The next key, Report, is just a list of cheap gas station locations instead of a map.  You can further define your search using the ‘Find By Zip’ button or ‘Find Nearest.’

Savings, the third key, is what The Recapp found to set this app apart from the other gas apps. This feature gives the user a per-tank and annual breakdown of your savings, comparing the cheapest versus highest price. It also allows you to recommend it or share it with friends. 

Need gas fast? Below empty? Check out the fourth key, On Fumes. Click it and it lists the closest stations in your area. Basically, it’s one click less than the identical finding method for the Pricing key.

Settings is the final key, which allows you to modify the app to match your car’s specifications. This makes the savings claims of this app that much more valuable as it applies directly to you and your car. You can also learn more about the app and its developer, Bottle Rocket.

Using the app is super simple. If you like pinching pennies and seeing results (even charting them) then this is your app. But if you’re just looking for a station to fill up that won’t gouge you, one of the free gas finder apps will work just fine.

Reviewed: Oct 19, 2011 |