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We can’t find any reason not to download this free gas app when it helps you pinch pennies and keep your tank full.

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Quite simply, GasBag is the best gas-finding app we’ve ever encountered here at The Recapp. The ease of use, the information provided and the ability to track data are second to none.

The home page defaults to a map, which offers five keys at the bottom of the screen to assist you in finding low gas prices. This is similar to the setup of other gas-finding apps, but GasBag is different in a lot of ways.

First, not only does the map itself give you your location, it also circles in green the closest station with the cheapest gas. Sounds like extra, unnecessary information, right? Not a chance. This takes the guesswork completely out of the equation and, for us, came close to sealing the deal for this review.

But GasBag is not a one (great) trick pony. It goes above and beyond. The magnifying glass lets users find the nearest gas to any location they can key in. Even the gas type! Need regular gas near Disneyland? Got that. Diesel next to Three Rivers Stadium? No problem. Midgrade in downtown Toronto? Done.

The GasBag Log Book is also easy to use and gives you the option of emailing your data back to yourself. You can even submit a station and see where it stands in the local scheme of things.

Yeah, there are pop-ups here and there, and there’s not an easy way to share with your friends. But for a free app, GasBag absolutely knocks it out of the park. Last chance for gas? If so, fill it up here. 

Reviewed: Oct 19, 2011 |