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Thanks to our hectic schedules, sometimes we have to step back and remember those around us. The video-messaging app GiveTones allows you to send video cards to friends and family or create your own with a personal message. Never send a belated birthday card again!

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Admit it. You’ve either forgotten a friend’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary or you don’t remember if you ever sent your aunt that get well card you pulled from your shoebox stash. We know—you don’t mean to be rude. Everyone has to-do lists a mile long these days. And as bad as it may sound, sometimes it’s hard to remember those around us when they deserve our attention.

Paper cards (when you remember to get one) can only go so far before they cost you an arm and a leg, and who knows whether your ecard dodged the spam filter or not. GiveTones, a video-messaging app, enables you to choose, create and send movie cards to any smartphone in the world. It takes care of those occasions that call for a speedy and humorous message on the run. You know, the kind of message that ensures your friends and family that you are indeed thinking about them (and care!). No more excuses for a busy schedule!

The brightly colored and easy-to-navigate video messaging app lets you browse a movie message gallery, or you can create your own video message. The GiveTones gallery has movie cards for encouragement, love, special occasions and even advice or jokes. Choose a message played out by a collection of charming actors and add your personal written message of 200 characters or less. Select the recipient from your contacts or type in your choice of email address or phone number. Tap send and your GiveTones movie card is sure to bring a smile.

Some GiveTones videos cost $0.99 to use while others are free. Those that don’t cost a penny are clearly marked with red labels so there’s no surprise fee. If you choose to create your own video message, however, it automatically costs $0.99 to send. But what’s the price of showing someone you care, right?

The only issue we found with this app was the loading time. The playback times of the videos were sometimes lagging, and the app would occasionally become frozen. You may want to browse the galleries beforehand so you know exactly which video messages you like. Then, you won’t run into any glitches when the time comes to send.

Check out our app developer interview with Katja Trijber of GiveTones.

Reviewed: Jan 25, 2012 |

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