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Google Search

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The power of the Google search engine plus a boatload of impressive features makes the Google Search app the best option for searching the mobile Web on the go. Period.

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With the power of the Google search engine behind it (and that says a lot already, of course) combined with a host of impressive features, Google Search has got to be the best option for searching the mobile Web on the go. You can do a lot more than type in search terms and get back results. With the iPhone version, you can also speak what you’re looking for into your iPhone’s microphone using Google’s voice search (“the latest on Lindsay Lohan!”) or snap a photo of an object (say, a landmark you happen to be standing in front of, or a storefront or even a business card) with the Google Goggles feature.

Since it was first introduced, the iPhone version of Google Search has been updated and is even more robust and useful than before. Swipe right and you narrow your search to images, places, news, and more. Google will also narrow your results based on your location, so you can easily find nearby businesses.

You can find Google Search on Android, but the app isn’t as full featured as the iPhone’s. It lacks the Google Goggles feature and the ability to narrow searches by type. For iPhone users, though, if you’re trying to find information quickly, Google Search is the way to go.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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