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Green Gas Saver is a great idea that’s executed only so-so. While it may save you a few dollars, it’s not really the app it pretends to be.

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The idea behind Green Gas Saver is a cool one: It tries to use your iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to measure your driving efficiency and save you gas. In practice, however, the app is a little shaky.

To use the app, you’re supposed to open it when you get in the car, and then you set your iPhone on a horizontal surface. Green Gas Saver includes two warning meters — one for acceleration, one for cornering — that work based on your phone tilting backward or sideways, so it’s meant to measure how your car actually reacts. The meters max out and a warning tone sounds if you accelerate too fast or corner too hard, as these can cause you to use more gas than you need to.

Green Gas Saver’s acceleration monitor doesn’t always react well. The cornering sensor is better and can help drivers learn to take corners a little easier. If you’re not paying anything for this app anyway, it’s worth seeing how well it works in your car. But be warned: It probably isn’t going to save you hundreds of dollars a month — maybe more like five or 10.

Reviewed: Sep 06, 2011 |