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Hockey Fight Pro

By Ratrod Studio Inc.


Take the puck out of a hockey game and you’re left with boxing on ice. This app delivers pounding action as you square off in a series of hockey fights (and you don’t have to worry about any five-minute major penalties for fighting).

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There are no slick passes or slapshots in this hockey game. Only jabs, uppercuts and some blood. (Take note, parents: This game is not PG.)

Hockey Fight Pro will focus your hockey skills on one thing: fighting. The game app, which is backed by, delivers with a grinding soundtrack, decent play by play and intuitive controls for an enjoyable bout.

To start, you create a profile for yourself (multiple names are allowed on one phone). Next you take a quick tutorial to learn the basics; you even get Respect Points for watching it (more about those later).

The action begins at center ice when two bruisers square off. The controls are simple and intuitive: Tap the upper left of your phone to throw a left punch to your opponent’s head, for example, or tap the lower right for a right punch to the body. You can throw combination and special punches (such as an uppercut) for a quicker knockout, or block your opponent's punches. Gauges atop the screen tell you how much stamina and special powers you have. Eventually, one fighter is left lying on the ice.

After each fight, you earn Respect Points based on your achievements, such as a punches thrown and blocked and accuracy. You can use those Respect Points to upgrade your players, such as improving their speed, power and stamina. You can also purchase Respect Points, though that’s cheating in our book.

There are two different game modes: Quick Fight, where you pick your player and your opponent, or Tournament. Your stats are saved, so you can see and share your career record.

We found the settings adequate to control the game play. You can turn off the music (never) or commentary (sometimes), and even control whether you spit blood with every punch landed. The app also has a free Lite version available for download, which gives you ads and less fighters to choose from.

Our only real nitpick with the game: It sure would be fun to create our own characters so we could pit guys with real NHL names against each other.

Reviewed: Mar 26, 2012 |