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IHeartRadio is limited to Clear Channel offerings only, but that’s 750 or so radio stations you can listen to wherever you are (so stop complaining).

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When you think about it, the number of radio stations in the United States is staggering. Every city in every state has several stations, and each has its own genre and play style, its own DJs and its own fans. Moving away from a city can be tough when you lose your favorite stations in the process. Lucky for you, there’s IHeartRadio, an app that aggregates (almost) all of the stations in a given area and taps into their online streaming broadcasts, allowing users to listen wherever they are.

Though the app has its limits — it’s created by Clear Channel, and therefore includes only the media conglomerate’s 750 or so radio stations — for the most part, IHeartRadio is packed with lots to listen to. It’s easy to search for your favorite station from wherever, and it includes a feature that will find a random station from around the country for you to drop in on.

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Reviewed: Jun 14, 2011 |

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