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iPUBQUIZ St. Patrick’s Day

By SunCat Software


What type of plant is a shamrock? What famous actor was born in Dublin? Become a St. Patrick’s Day whiz when you play one of the best free game apps for the special day: iPUBQUIZ – St. Patrick’s Day. The app poses tons of fun and challenging trivia questions and St. Patrick’s Day facts. Whether you’re sitting at the pub with your friends or waiting for a parade to start, iPUBQUIZ can keep you occupied and entertained.

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St. Patrick’s Day is notorious for the parades, festivals, parties, pubs and, of course, beer! iPUBQUIZ – St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best game apps dedicated to St. Patrick himself and the day we of-agers anticipate each year. This special holiday edition of the iPUBQUIZ app is only available in the month of March, so check it out quick!

This app can you get you in the St. Patty’s Day spirit with its Gaelic-ballad soundtrack and interesting Irish-themed questions. To begin, tap PLAY on the home screen. You have 20 seconds to answer the multiple-choice questions and three chances, or “lives,” to get the right answer. If you answer wrong, you lose one of your lives. Keep tapping to get the right answer, but be careful; every wrong answer makes you lose one of your lives. Three wrong answers and the fun is over.

If you get the question right, you snag 500 points and move on to the next question. You can tap Pass if you can’t think of an answer, and if you’re struggling between two of the choices, just tap 50/50 to eliminate two of the wrong answers. You can use the Pass or 50/50 options only three times when in play.

After you finish a round or when all three lives are up, you can enter your name into the leaderboard. The homepage posts the top 100 scores, but you never know—you might get lucky!

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