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iRecycle helps you find a safe place to recycle your old electronic devices. Just don’t use it as your only source of info.

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Did you know that electronic devices like cell phones and laptops need to be properly recycled because they often contain chemicals that shouldn’t end up in landfills? If you have iRecycle on your smartphone, you can instantly find out where you can recycle all kinds of different devices.

The app makes use of your phone’s GPS technology to narrow down local facilities that can recycle different materials. Type whatever it is you need to dispose of into the search field at the top of the app’s launch screen, and it’ll find a good place for you to take it. The app also includes tabs for local recycling events and relevant news articles.

The biggest drawback of iRecycle is that it’s not foolproof. Some facilities it lists aren’t always up to date or actually equipped to receive your items, so make sure you double-check before you head out on a recycling mission. But iRecycle is definitely a good place to start for any green-minded electronics owner.

This recycling app is included in a scenario about green apps for America Recycles Day.

Reviewed: Sep 06, 2011 |