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JellyCar 3

By Disney


The new version of this puzzle game includes new features sure to please new and old fans alike.

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When you think of Disney movies, you might think of happy-sad plots with surprisingly scary moments and evil characters laced in with the sweet ones. Which means you never quite know if the movie is kid-safe or not. With JellyCar 3, one of Disney’s series of mobile games, everything is completely G-rated. JellyCar 3 sticks with the same core game play that has already won fans and critical acclaim, but the new version of this puzzle game spins off in some good, new directions.

You drive a squishy “jelly” car around a squishy 2-D environment, bouncing off platforms and over gaps by increasing or decreasing the car’s size. The goal is to find the exit to each level and to get there as fast as possible. Each level in JellyCar 3 is tricky, and each contains a hidden “secret” exit that effectively doubles the number of levels the game comes with, from 50 to 100. It includes different kinds of cars that can be used in levels to get better scores, but best of all, JellyCar 3 includes a feature that lets you design and build your own jelly cars (oh, the fun!) and share photos of them (oh, the laughs!) with others. An addictive game with a lot of features, JellyCar 3 is great no matter what your age.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |