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Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience

By Universal Mind for Sony Music Entertainment and Experience Hendrix LLC


Experience the Experience. Swipe through the pivotal moments in the life of the legendary rock star Jimi Hendrix in the interactive timeline of Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience app. Watch videos, look at photos, download music and more!

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This is no ordinary music app. Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience is not only an ode to the renowned electric guitarist, but it’s also a killer “appumentary.” This new term refers to a digital interactive experience between an app user and a subject. In this case, Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience documents key moments of Jimi Hendrix’s life through an interactive timeline that allows you to buy his music, watch videos and view pics of the rock star during his famous life.

The app’s first section offers an in-depth overview of Jimi’s early years. Here, you can view photos of his grade-school class, Jimi and his father, and Jimi holding his first guitar. You’ll even learn that an ankle injury during his army service led to his discharge and the pursuit of a music career.

After swiping through the early years, the app takes you “in the studio” for an inside look at Jimi’s recording sessions. “Voodoo Chile,” “Purple Haze,” “Bold as Love” and “Angel” are profiled with fascinating background information. (Did you know that during the recording of “Voodoo Chile,” Jimi broke a guitar string and he changed it himself?)

The app also takes you through “The Experience,” which documents Jimi’s first successes as a famous rock n’ roller. You are then shown his famous albums and even the “Complete Jimi Hendrix Anthology.” The anthology shows collections of different Hendrix discography and filmography where you can purchase and download boxed sets of his music as well as different films about the notorious artist.

Want to know what it was like to see Jimi perform live? The app leads you through the various venues where Jimi performed and also directs you to live recordings of his tracks. Winterland, Woodstock and Isle of Wight were just three key moments in Jimi’s short time as a performer.

One of our favorite features is the map of historic Jimi Hendrix sites that shows locations such as his high school and different stadiums where he performed. And if you’re near a historic site, the app will alert you and provide details of the location. Then, you can share your experience within your social networks.

You can also connect your experience across multiple devices. By using AirPlay with Apple TV or AirPlay speakers, you can continue to enjoy the Jimi Hendrix app while listening to songs and viewing photos on your TV.

Check out our app developer interview with the Joe Johnston, Senior User-Experience Specialist at Universal Mind.

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