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Mouse Trap

By Magma Mobile


The puzzles start easy and then get crazy hard (think Rubik’s cube). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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We bet the developers stayed awake for days thinking up the concept for this game: Help a little mouse find its way out of an increasingly difficult maze. The game begins almost painfully easy and then becomes as complex as a Rubik’s cube. Mouse Trap has plenty of levels — 1,200 in all — so you can gain a lot of experience working out logic puzzles and enjoy at least a few weeks’ worth of entertainment. This free app from Magma Mobile also prides itself on updates and adding new levels, so presumably you could play this thing for, well, years.

The game play isn’t complicated and graphics are merely perfunctory, but the app is really about moving around solid blocks to create an open path for our rodent hero. The difficult part is that some blocks will move while others won’t, requiring you to devise a new strategy for every game. However, if you do get stuck, you’re allowed one puzzle solution per hour, so use it wisely.

Reviewed: Jun 15, 2011 |