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mSpot Music

By mSpot, Inc.


mSpot keeps lets you share your music across lots of devices and frees up your hard drive space — a great app for music lovers.

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With quite a bit of fanfare, Amazon rolled out its own cloud-based music player, complete with an Android app that lets you upload music to Amazon’s “digital locker” and then stream the music to any Android device or computer with an Internet connection. What if you’re an iPhone owner? We suggest you check out mSpot Music, a free app that does the exact same thing as Amazon’s setup.

Signing up for a mSpot account nets you a free 5GB setup to upload music to the company’s digital locker (that’s space for about 4,000 songs), and you can upgrade your account to 40GB (about 32,000 songs) for a monthly premium of $3.99. Then, using the free app, you can stream music to an iPhone or any Android device. Using mSpot keeps your hard drive space free and lets you share your music across lots of devices without any extra hassle — a great app for music lovers and Internet-savvy tech aficionados.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |