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The MTV News app helps you stay in the know when it comes to music, celebrities, TV shows, movies and gaming, and it keeps all that info organized by category. But it's the layout and design that will really grab you.

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If you like to stay up to date on celebrity and entertainment news, the MTV News app is a must-have addition to your Android and iPhone app library.

The app tracks the latest news about music, celebrities, TV shows, movies, and gaming, and keeps it all organized by category. Different tabs are reserved for breaking news, videos, photos, and blogs. We should note here that we’re actually quite impressed with the app’s photo quality, but we were disappointed that we couldn’t seem to get a single video to load. What’s with that?

What’s really great about this app, though, is that you can limit the flow of information to just the topics you care about by customizing the app’s My News option.

Quite possibly the best part about this app is its layout and design. The app isn’t very text heavy and instead relies on bright colors and lots of photos to draw you in. It works. Because everything is so well organized by category, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |