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You’ll find classic and imaginative activities to experience while in New York City with the NYTimes: The Scoop app, brought to you by the seasoned city dwellers and editors of the New York Times themselves. What better of a city guide is that?

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There’s much more to New York City than the staple attractions—Broadway shows, greasy (delicious) pizza and Lady Liberty. But how do you find out about them all? Whether you’re a seasoned resident or visiting for the very first time, you want to have the inside scoop to the finest cultural events and venues in the city. And who better to be your guide than the distinguished staff of the New York Times?

With the NYTimes: The Scoop app, you have access to highly revered and frequently updated lists created by Times editors and contributors—from former restaurant critic Sam Sifton’s top 50 recommended restaurants to the most notable clothing stores and coffee shops in the city. Each listing features a concise and engaging review, directions to the venue and a link for more information. You can even pinpoint Times-recommended places within walking distance of your current location.

The Scoop city guide particularly stands out with its inspired lists, such as “Only in New York,” which is full of both imaginative city experiences like kayaking on the Hudson, wall climbing in Brooklyn and soaking in Koreatown’s all-night spas.

We love seeing a city-guide app that thinks outside the box and beyond a typical list of recommended city favorites. The Scoop is exceptionally easy to navigate and gives users an opportunity to see what the Times has to offer in a stylish, convenient, organized format.

While the app boasts features like the ability to check off suggestions you’ve tried and sharing those experiences via social outlets, we’re guessing that users will spend more time getting the scoop rather than talking about it.

Reviewed: Feb 10, 2012 |

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