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Scanner Radio

By Gordon Edwards


Pick up scanner radio frequencies to be both informed and entertained—easily imagine yourself as a steadfast cop or daring firefighter. 

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Maybe you idolize cops and firefighters. Maybe you’re truly concerned for your community’s (and your own) safety. Or maybe you’re just sick of the radio. Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in checking out some scanner radio frequencies, try downloading and listening to the Scanner Radio app. It’s by far our favorite app for picking up scanner frequencies (yeah, we tested the competition too).

Starting at the homepage, choose from Favorites, a Top 50 (or “most listened to”) list of stations that’s updated every five minutes, or Near Me—scanner frequencies from your area. You can also browse for a station by category (global and U.S. locations, genre or source), or check out what new stations have been added to the app.

This is the best app for easily finding a live scanner. Other apps barely alphabetize the stations, or they label the frequencies with vague descriptions. With Scanner Radio, stations are clearly identified with a name and location. Plus, you can see how many people are tuned in to a frequency. This feature is the basis for the Top 50 section—if hundreds of other users are listening to a particular station, you know something interesting is happening in that area (say, a high-speed car chase). You can even set up alerts. The app will notify you when the amount of people listening to a station exceeds a certain number, so you can quickly tune in to the action.

The app houses more than 2,500 scanner frequencies, mostly from fire and police departments. When we tested the app, a Chicago policeman was describing a breaking and entering situation—kicked-in door and all. In Phoenix, a policewoman was dealing with a mother who reported a suspicious teenager around her home.

You’ll often hear of suspects’ names, descriptions, home addresses and license plate numbers—there’s no censoring here. If you’re listening to a station from your area, you could know exactly who and where the police are targeting. (It can be exhilarating—you’re on the “inside,” about to track down the bad guy with the cops!)

And another cool feature: the app provides a list of official APOCO (Association of Public Communication Officers) ten-codes. We all know “10-4” means acknowledged or OK, but did you know “10-12” means stand by, or “10-16” signifies a domestic disturbance?

We also enjoy the app’s sleep-timer feature, area maps (to visualize where the action is taking place), and share tool (so you can recommend a station by email or on Facebook). If you get the Scanner Radio Pro version, you can enjoy your scanning without pesky ads (though there aren’t many, anyway) and you get access to archived audio files. 

Reviewed: Oct 24, 2011 |