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Add this to your list of apps to get. Schedule Planner Pro is one of the top productivity apps for your convenience. In addition to maintaining your calendar and to-do list, Schedule Planner Pro gives you the satisfaction of feeling über productive.

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If you’re looking for a scheduling app that is worth your time, try one of the best productivity apps for iPhone—Schedule Planner Pro. The iPhone calendar app allows you to plug in your meetings, tasks, appointments and rendezvous all in one place. The app sports a sleek dashboard-style homepage for quick glances at your day’s agenda. Each task is categorized by date, type, duration and more for easy browsing. 

From the home screen, you can add a task, sync tasks with your iCalendar or Google Calendar and arrange your to-dos by start and end time, duration or category. When adding a task, Schedule Planner Pro prompts you to select a category, give it a title, deem a start and end time, and set an alarm. You can also choose to repeat the task or add a note.

Sounds like a typical productivity app? There’s more…

Here’s the feature that we think distinguishes Schedule Planner Pro from the rest of the bunch: This app will track how much time you’ve accumulated on specific categories and then produce the results in pie-graph form. This means if you’re concerned you might be spending too much time working on one specific project, Schedule Planner Pro will graphically reveal the verdict.

Another practical feature of this app is that it will let you differentiate between planned activities and actual tasks, which is a nice touch, considering we busy bees know how rare it is to actually complete a task.
Schedule Planner Pro also lets you sync the tasks in the app with Google Calendar or iCalendar. You can send tasks from the app to your calendars or from your calendars to the app, back up your Schedule Planner Pro calendar to Dropbox, and email CSV files of your planned and actual tasks.

The app even gives you the power to add a personalized touch to your notifications, categories and alarms in your settings. For your notifications and alarms, you can change the default sound to whatever you would prefer. Under categories, you can change the color and title, and you can add new categories or delete old ones.  

Though a little pricey, this app packs a lot productivity punch thanks to its calendar syncing, task timing and differentiation of planned and actual tasks. INTERSOG has also created free versions for the iPad and iPhone; however they lack features like the iCalendar and Google Calendar integration, individualized alarms, and alerts and notifications. 

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