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Skyfire Web Browser

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Yes, Skyfire Web Browser can play many Flash videos that are embedded into websites (did you hear that, iPhone owners?). But it does have its drawbacks. 

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Skyfire Web Browser’s claim to fame is that it can play many Flash videos that are embedded into websites — especially important for iPhone owners, who can’t play Flash videos at all on the phone’s native Safari browser (yes, sadly, it’s true). Skyfire is the answer to that, allowing users to watch videos and get the full PC browsing experience on their smartphones. The app also includes multiple page browsing, the ability to share links and pages via social media, bookmark support and a private browsing option that eliminates history data and cookies.

The big drawback of Skyfire is that it isn’t foolproof. While it is handy for viewing videos, not all Flash videos are supported, though developer Skyfire Labs is constantly working to bring more video sites into the fold. The browser also can’t play Flash games or support Flash apps. Still, Skyfire works as well as Safari or the Android Web browser, with the bonus of adding more Internet content that you can’t always get on your smartphone.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |