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So You’re Dating a Vampire

By Neutral Ground Films


This super-inventive, entertaining and humorous game app not only surprises and compels with its visual components, it’s truly interactive as the user controls the outcome of the film. We’ve yet to review any other choose-your-own-adventure app like it.

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The first interesting tidbit about So You’re Dating a Vampire is that it offers you an inside look at the app-development process. You can scroll through the people who supplied the soundtrack (Sean Yseult, we love you) and even find out about the jewelry worn by the players.

And like a film, the app takes you through an end film credit sequence of who did what on the app. The pictures here are pretty funny. 

But it’s the gameplay that we love most about this app, where you choose your own adventure.

The introductions of the So You’re Dating a Vampire characters take a little time, but in order to really get into the game, you have to get invested, and that’s what happens here. By the time you choose what the main character Grace is going to wear, you’re hooked. Choose incorrectly, and things go awry. Choose properly, and things progress. Sometimes there are more than two choices, so the possibilities get complex in a hurry. We’re not going to give much more away—you’ll just have to play for yourself.

The app’s designers were smart not to make you rewind all the way back to the beginning when you make a choice that ends the game. Instead, you just go back to where you last made a game decision, and start anew from there.

Our addiction that comes from this choose-your-own-adventure game is simple: We’re dying (no pun intended) to choose correctly, and when you we don’t, we want to see what happens when we make another selection.

Sure, the vampire thing is super saturated right now, but this app has its tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Reviewed: Feb 02, 2012 |

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