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If you're prone to running out the door in the morning without having time to check the weather, you'll want to download the unique weather app swackett. swackett recommends appropriate attire for the day's weather, in addition to offering all the basic temperature and forecast information you'd find in a basic weather app.

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For most of us, we have a routine: Check the weather on our favorite weather app or check a local news station in the morning and dress accordingly. But how many times has that one number led us in the wrong direction (and in the completely wrong attire)? swackett is an app that takes an entirely different approach to weather conditions by visually showing you how to dress for the current climate.

Using the swackett “peeps,” the app is able to address exactly what you’ll need for the day—an umbrella and a lined jacket for a rainy afternoon, sunglasses and shorts for a morning at the beach, boots and thick gloves for a chilly winter evening. It’s the answer to a problem you didn’t even realize you had!

The swackett app doesn’t stop at clothing suggestions. It also shares all of the pertinent information included in most other weather apps, including radar maps and distant forecasts. Swackett is particularly easy to use, although you can get wistfully carried away with all of the swipe options (and end up on a screen that informs you your dog should be wearing polarized UV-coated doggie shades today). Other than that, the interface is slick and simple—perfect for quick glimpses when you’re in a hurry in the morning. 

Reviewed: Apr 02, 2012 |

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