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The Food Gardening Guide

By Ogden Publications, Inc.


The Food Gardening Guide from Mother Earth News may not boast an impressive user interface or interactivity, but it offers solid advice and information about planting vegetables. What more sophistication do you need when dealing with dirt?

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Everyone loves a vegetable garden, but not everyone knows how to grow one. The Food Gardening Guide by eco-conscious website and publication Mother Earth News is your one-stop resource for learning how and when to plant the best organic vegetables year-round, whether you’re new to the gardening scene or a seasoned veggie grower.

After you register (a process that’s somewhat questionable as there seems to be no real need for it), you are offered an array of detailed vegetable listings. Each entry discusses different types of the vegetable to try, planting techniques and requirements, pest prevention, and tips for using the veggie in the kitchen. What more could you want in a handy reference guide?

The Food Gardening Guide goes on to share an assortment of helpful articles, such as how to protect plants, create no-dig garden beds, make your own fertilizers, extend your growing season and so mulch more. The app is by no means sleek or sophisticated (the illustrations are dated and the lack of interactivity is a bit disappointing), but when you’re dealing with dirt, why should it be anything more?

Sprucing up your backyard is a lot of work, so doing the research shouldn't be. The Food Gardening Guide is a perfect cheat sheet for the ins and outs of veggie growing.

Reviewed: Apr 02, 2012 |

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