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The Sims 3

By Electronic Arts Inc.


Despite some differences between the PC and smartphone versions, the true spirit of The Sims remains intact. Get ready for an interesting story, plenty of options and vibrant graphics.

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Do you dream of doing something totally off the wall, like dyeing your hair daily to match your outfits or growing corn in the backyard? Go ahead. You can avoid judgment from family and friends by living through your Sims character.

Just like The Sims PC games, this app allows you to create a character, customize the way he or she looks, name it and select a personality. You control the Sim’s every move and satisfy its basic needs, such as making sure it eats, sleeps, keeps a job and makes friends. What’s great about this game is that there’s no set outcome: Your Sim’s life path is totally up to you.

In the smartphone version, instead of having an entire family to look after, like you do in the PC edition, you control just one character. But devout fans of the game shouldn’t worry — the true spirit remains intact. The story is just as interesting, the options will keep you busy and the graphics are as vibrant as ever.

How-to instructions are thorough and very easy to follow, so getting the hang of how to play is no sweat. So go ahead: dye your hair, grow corn in the backyard. It’ll be your secret.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |