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TuneIn Radio

By Synsion Radio Technologies


TuneIn Radio brings thousands of national and global radio stations to your smartphone, for free, without static interruptions.

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Let’s face it. Nowadays, satellite radio and iPods are overthrowing the phenomenon that was once the radio. Remember? We turned tiny round knobs to access FM and AM stations; we had grown accustomed to static interruptions; and we enjoyed the liberty of scanning stations for the hottest track or talk show?

Fast forward. TuneIn Radio puts the radio back in style with, of course, a few more bells and whistles. The app offers thousands of podcast, music, talk show, sports and news radio stations from not only around the country, but from around the world. (We urge you to snicker at a German pop channel.) Considering the stations are streamed, for free, across oceans and continents, the sound quality is pretty impressive. Static free!

One annoyance, we suppose, is the inability to scan from song to song or station to station in a matter of seconds. TuneIn requires you to select a new station, no “next” button included. This drawback is quickly negated, though, with the app’s cool “Shake It!” feature. Put simply, if you like a song or station you’re listening to but want a change, shake your device, and the app will change the station to a similar channel of interest.

We all get a bit tired of our iPod’s tracks, so we love that this app churns out an endless variety of tunes, news and downright blabber for some new listening material. Plus, it’s free. You can’t get anywhere near Germany for free!

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Reviewed: Oct 03, 2011 |