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The app isn't perfect. But it does have an awful lot of shows. For free.

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Nuts about TV? The app gives you more than a million videos — current CBS, CW and Showtime shows, plus shows from a bunch of other channels — at your fingertips. There’s a good mix of new and old here. If you missed an episode of How I Met Your Mother or NCIS, you can catch up via this app. You can also view juicy daytime shows like The Young and the Restless or prime-time classics like Dynasty.

You can browse all shows, look by channel or search for a particular show. The listings offer clips of shows and full episodes, portioned between ads. One of the best features of this app is the My Shows section, where you can save a list of the TV shows you watch the most, and return to see new content.

The only drawback is that you will very likely need to be near a Wi-Fi connection to get decent video quality. Streaming over 3G can be slow, and sometimes it can cause the app to crash. However, for a free app filled with one of the most comprehensive video libraries around, can you really complain? Give it a try.

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |