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Word Lens

By Quest Visual


Traveling in a foreign country? Word Lens translates menus, signs — you name it — from one language to another in real time on your smartphone screen.

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If you’re on the way to a Spanish-speaking country and are worried that you’re school vocab no esta bueno, this app’ll help.

Word Lens created quite a stir when it first arrived in 2010. Many people referred to the app as “magical,” and it is an amazing bit of technology. It’s the kind of app that makes you want to pull out your iPhone and show it off. Pointing the iPhone’s camera at, say, a menu or sign, the app translates words from one language to another in real time on the device’s screen. Go to the Quest Visual site to see the demonstration video.

At the moment, Word Lens is a bit limited: It’s free to download, but all you get for free is the ability to reverse or erase words to demonstrate how the app works. You have to spend $9.99 for each language translation pack (only Spanish to English and English to Spanish are available for now; more updates are on the way). It’s best used when traveling for quick translation hits like signs and menus since the translation is handy but definitely not perfect. Under the right circumstances, Word Lens is a pretty amazing tool. 

Reviewed: May 23, 2011 |

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