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Get through those long-winded voice messages faster. This free visual voicemail app makes it easier to check and respond to your messages.

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Imagine a busy workday with no voicemail. YouMail can’t completely eliminate those messages, but it can make life simpler by allowing you to retrieve them without pins and pounds.

YouMail is a free app that gives you visual voicemail. Your voice messages will be captured through the app and emailed to you, where you can then click a link to listen to your voicemail. The email comes complete with additional details, such as Caller ID, date, time and the actual voice recording. You can also get these voice-message alerts via text. And for an added fee, you can even have the voicemails transcribed and displayed as words within the email.

There are many ways this can be helpful. If you’re stuck in a day full of meetings or seminars, you can check voicemail through email, forwarding important calls to people who can respond immediately, instead of wading through voicemails, taking notes, and then getting somebody else to address the issue. It also allows you to consolidate messages from multiple phone lines and organize your messages (so you can quickly find the one from your boss and avoid the calls from your mother-in-law).

Another handy feature is personalized greetings. You can upload multiple messages that can be linked to your contacts, so you can greet your clients differently from your family, or even greet callers by name in your outgoing message.

We found the set-up easy and the interface even easier. A free account lets you archive 100 messages that are up to 2 minutes each, while a premium account (prices starting at $1.99 per month) can store thousands of longer messages.

One side note on the app: Google pulled it from the Android Market in late 2011 after a complaint from T-Mobile. YouMail, in a blog post, said it resolved the problem, and the app quickly returned to the market.

Reviewed: Feb 24, 2012 |

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